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Month: <span>October 2017</span>

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Retirement Plan Assets

Do you have money saved in an employee retirement plan, IRA or tax-sheltered annuity? Do you know that the value of your account may be subject to federal and state estate taxes at your death? In addition, each of these plans contains income that has yet to be taxed. When a distribution is made from...


Closely Held Stock*

If you hold stock in a closely held business, you may be able to use that stock as a powerful way to support our future. Closely held stock is most often used to support our work in the form of: An outright gift. You can make a gift of closely held stock as long as...


Tangible Personal Property

Did you realize that valuable antiques, stamp and coin collections, works of art, cars, boats, and other personal property can be used to support our work? Your treasures can make suitable charitable gifts today or after your lifetime. The financial benefits of the gift depend on whether we can use the property in a way...


Memorials and Tributes

A Gift That Honors a Life If you have a loved one who has been impacted by Guide Dogs of the Desert, establishing a memorial or tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor your loved one or celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday while supporting the work of our mission. Your memorial...


Bank Accounts, Certificates of Deposit or Brokerage Accounts

Designating Guide Dogs of the Desert as beneficiary of your bank accounts, certificates of deposit or brokerage accounts is a simple and straightforward way to support our work. There are two options you can use to make this gift to us: Payable on death (POD).* By placing a POD designation on your bank account or certificate...


Commercial Annuities

Banks and life insurance companies typically sell commercial annuities. They provide the owner with fixed or variable income based on commercial rates of return. Because commercial annuities are subject to income and estate taxes, they are often considered among the best assets to leave to charity. The best way to give a commercial annuity in...


Real Estate

Transforming Realty to Gift Reality Want to make a big gift to Guide Dogs of the Desert without touching your bank account? Consider giving us real estate. Such a generous gift helps us continue our work for years to come. And a gift of real estate also helps you. When you give us appreciated property you have held longer...


Endowed Gifts

Invest in Our Future An endowment gift to Guide Dogs of the Desert today provides a brighter picture for our future. When you make a donation to our endowment, you give a gift with both immediate and long-term benefits. Here’s how it works: Endowment donations are invested. A portion of the annual income from the...


Charitable Lead Trusts

Provide for Your Loved Ones and Guide Dogs of the Desert Do you want to benefit from the tax savings that result from supporting Guide Dogs of the Desert, yet you don’t want to give up any assets that you’d like your family to receive someday? You can have it both ways with a charitable lead...


Charitable Remainder Trusts

Discover a Gift That Is Truly Win-Win Looking for a way to give Guide Dogs of the Desert a significant gift? If you have built up a sizeable estate and are also looking for ways to receive reliable payments, you may want to check out the advantages of setting up a charitable remainder trust. Benefits of...

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